Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bedroom Reveal!!

I've been working on my bedroom for a few weeks now and it has come SO far!

First I'll remind you of where it started:

A fine room. Good size. And I guess good as a bed room because I would fall asleep anytime I was in here it was so BORING. (PS - HA notice those awful vertical blinds?!?!)

I wanted to go for vertical stripes. I chose a grey with a metallic silver edge. It took FOREVER. I had to paint the entire room white, mark off and tape the silver stripes, let that dry, then tape the grey stripes.  I think it took about 2 weeks from moving my furniture to wash and paint the walls, to finishing the grey stripes and moving my furniture back.  Here's the progression of the stripes:

Okay so apparently I didn't document this very well. I just wanted to work as fast as possible to be done asap! Okay so let's fast forward to the end :)

Silver: Martha Stewart Specialty Metallic Paint in Polished Silver
Gray: Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray
White: Sherwin Williams (Untinted)
Bed: C&B Collette Look-a-like found at Macys!!!
Lamps: Home Goods
Pillows: TJ Maxx
Sheets: Bed Bath and Beyond
Duvet: Target
Mirrored Side Tables: Target

You might also be able to see I had a crystal chandelier installed! Funny story about that - I had originally wanted a crystal chandelier for my dining room.  But the ones I liked would have been almost $600 - so out of my price range that I put it on the back burner.  And then one day I randomly wandered into a consignment store I've never been in before. I saw this chandelier and knew it was fate! And then I saw the price tag - $89?!?!?!!?!! Yes it was destiny that this chandelier was supposed to be mine.  Of course running electricity to the ceiling and buying / painting a medallion was more than the chandelier itself, but oh well! I decided I love the chandelier so much I wanted it in my bedroom - and it would have been too much in my dining room.  I'm so happy I got it - it is truly my favorite thing in the entire house!

Anyways I will take pics of the other parts of my bedroom a) when I put it back together and b) I still have a shelving unit I want to put in and show you. This also include my new window treatments. Hope you enjoyed my bedroom!
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