Monday, March 5, 2012

Dining Room / Kitchen Reveal!

I know I hinted at my dining room / kitchen the other day in my stripe post, so I figured I should probably reveal it!!

Let me show you the before. The kitchen part is fine (minus the blue counters that are EVERYWHERE in this house! they're gone as soon as I can afford it). But you will see the most hideous mirrors you've ever seen in your entire life in my dining room. I know you are asking yourself, "mirrors can be hideous??" but YES my friend, they were awful! In fact this is the very first project I undertook (with help from dear old dad, duh) because I really hated them. HA it's been 8 months and now I'm revealing this.

 EWW - and lol notice the door stop on the mirror.

 DISGUSTING. Additionally take note of that overhead light. It's the only pic I have of it.


Nothing terrible, except for probably that light. It hummed too.

Lots of blue, white, and boring.

See? this place had no character at all. Unless you count those hideous vertical mirrors and blinds as character. Then I would call this character outdated and depressing.

After demo-ing the mirrrors and retexturing the wall, I painted 12 inch horizontal stripes (using my awesome Mod Podge method) around the entire room using Sherwin Williams Optimistic Yellow, and then did an "accent" wall of all yellow behind the stove/fridge/majority of the cabinets.

Though you can't see it in my pictures, I took down the blinds because I don't need them, and they were ugly.

Table and Chairs: IKEA
6 Symmetrical Prints: Crate and Barrel (LOOVE them)
Blue Glass Bowl: TJ Maxx
Lemons: Target (they're fake!)
Paris Prints: from Paris!, though the frames were purchased at Michaels
Yellow Paint: Sherwin Williams Cashmere in Optimic Yellow
White Paint: Sherwin Williams Cashmere in Untinted White

So that's it! The hub of my house. I love how charming it turned out :) Of course I have plans for it, but until they happen I do love being in here. I think it completely reflects my style.

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